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Projects and collaborations

There is strength in numbers! Collaboration with other professionals, whether or not they are part of the world of craft or specifically that of books, enables an exchange of knowledge and professional enrichment. With this spirit of constructive exchange and openness, and with the idea that the general public can be made more aware and knowledgeable so that they can have the tools to appreciate and understand the beauty and technical quality of a craftsman’s work, Luciano has conceived and participated in several projects over the years:

Il numero d’Oro

Collaboration with artist Ugo Nespolo in the design and creation of the Cartodesign section of the artist’s book Il Numero d’Oro (The Golden Number) [2010]

Museo Arti e Mestieri di un Tempo

Voluntary guide to the Museo Arti e Mestieri di un Tempo (Arts and Professions of a Bygone Age) in the Castle of Cisterna d’Asti (AT), which on the main floor houses the reconstruction of a typographer’s workshop [2007]

Forme e Colori per un Libro

Forme e Colori per un Libro (Shapes and Colours for a Book), a fine binding and design competition for the students of Turin’s Istituto d’Arte Passoni on the book Tutti giù per terra. The project saw the involvement, as jury members, of the author Giuseppe Culicchia, bibliophile Francesco Malaguzzi, and artist Ugo Nespolo.  The volumes and designs were exhibited in November and December of the same year at theHistorical Archive of the City of Turin [2002]

Un libro da adottare

Restoration of volumes from the antique book fund of the Civic Library of Biella for the fundraising initiative Un libro da adottare (A book to adopt), organised by the association Amici della Biblioteca of Biella [from 1995 to today]


  • L’artigiano e il bibliofilo in Comites Latenses – per gli ottanta anni di Francesco Malaguzzi, Gallo Arti Grafiche, Vercelli, 2010
  • I legatori in Piemonte: Luciano Fagnola  in Quinta di copertina. Quando la legatura diventa arte di Ivo Guzzon e Mario Guilla, Nadia Camandona Editore, Torino, 2008