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Fully aware of the importance of passing on his expertise, Luciano Fagnola supplements his craft activities with teaching, working on a number of levels: from awareness raising demonstrations and conferences to tutoring, teaching both bookbinding, conservation and restoration, fully encapsulating all the significance behind the title of Master Bookbinder.

Professional Training

Up to now, he has taught professional training courses in bookbinding, conservation and restoration for:

  • Istituto d’Arte A. Passoni in Turin
  • Scuole Tecniche San Carlo in Turin
  • Degree Course in Cultural Archive and Book Heritage at the University of Turin
  • ENAIP Piemonte – CSF Torino with the participation of the Istitutod’Arte A. Passoni in Turin, the Polytechnic of Turin– 1stFaculty of Architecture and IREL, Institute for the safeguard, conservation and restoration of books and paper documents


He follows young apprentices carrying out work placements at the Bottega as a tutor for the following projects:

  • European Community placement at the Bottega Fagnola workshop
  • Apprentice training placement in the paper conservation and restoration sector at Scuole Tecniche San Carlo in Turin
  • Apprentice training placement in the graphics sector at Cnos-Fap Valdocco in Turin
  • Apprentice training placement specialising in design binding, conservation and restoration at the Istituto d’Arte A. Passoni in Turin
  • The Bottega Scuola project run by the Region of Piedmont, in Turin


From 1992 to the present day, he has regularly taken part in awareness raising activities such as reviews and fairs, as well as in primary and secondary schools, bringing the general public closer to the bookbinding profession. He also takes part in numerous workshops in collaboration with other professionals and cultural associations including:

  • Propaedeutics to bookbinding
  • Paper marbling
  • Leather decoration
  • Edge decoration
  • Bookbinding techniques
  • Papermaking, typographic printing, calligraphy, bookbinding and/or paper industry techniques

In collaboration with:

  • A.C. Prova e Riprova of Turin
  • A.C. Dal Segno alla Scrittura of Turin
  • A.C. Archivio Tipografico of Turin
  • Museo Arte e Antichi Mestieri of Cisterna d’Asti (AT)
  • Manualmente – manual creativity review of Turin
  • ArTò – Exhibition of Artistic Professions of Turin
  • Piero De Macchi
  • Massimo Polello

Conferences and Seminars

He has been invited to speak and illustrate part of his work at the following conferences and seminars:

  • Reading and dialogue on the bookbinding profession, Spazio con le Mani, ArTòExhibition of Artistic Professions, Lingotto Fiere, Turin [2010]
  • Il mestiere del legatore,U.T.E.A. University for Senior Citizens – Delegation of San Damiano d’Asti (AT) [2009]
  • Come si conserva un libro antico? curated by A.L.A.I. (Association of Italian Antique Booksellers), Spazio Incontri, International Book Fair of Turin [2007]
  • Vestire i libri. L’arte e la legatura, with Francesco Malaguzzi; curated by A.L.A.I. (Association of Italian Antique Booksellers), International Book Fair of Turin [2007]
  • Gli incunaboli salvati, with presentations by Gianpaolo Garavaglia and Francesco Malaguzzi; presentation of restored volumes for the Farinone-Centa Civic Library of Varallo (VC) [2005]
  • Conversazioni in archivio – Le parole rilegate, with presentations by Giuseppe Culicchia, Ugo Nespolo, Alberto Barbera and Francesco Malaguzzi; presentation of the exhibition of the Forme e Colori per un Libro competition for the students of the Istituto d’Arte Aldo Passoni, City of Turin State Archive [2002]